Putulia Govt. Spond. PTTI is an institution, started its journey in 1957, to awaken & enlighten the teachilng learning process in Primary level Education specially in Purulia, the Western most district of West Bengal, situated in Vivekananda Nagar, Bongabari, Block-II just behind Purulia Polytechnic College.

The aim & objective of this institution is to promote proper knowledge regarding educational process to future Primary Teachers. Now a days the advance technology of teaching learning process involves a process of the evolution. At present Education is not a physical thing that can be delivered through thr post of a teacher. Fertile and robust education is always created, rooted in the physical and cultural soil of child. The process of educational nourishment should be through interaction with teachers, fellow wtudents and the community; So, the role & dignity of teachers in this function must be strengthened and underlined. There is a mutuality to the genuine construction of knowledge.

Rabingeanath Tagore's essay, "Civilisation and Progress" reminds us that 'Creative Spirit' and 'Generous Joy', the key of childhood can be distorted by an unthinking adult world. The National Policy on Education proposed the National Curriculum Framework as a means of evolving a national system of education.A good teacher is invariably a lerner in more sense than one, when he ceases to learn welcome unilightement & evovle definite ignorance. A teacher has to improvise ceaselessly and should acquire the capacity to so that. So, education of a teacher is an important agenda of education, whether it is pre-service or in-service. Training is a buzzword today and each progession demands specific types of skills and teaching, is not an exception. So teacher training is excpected to help the trainees to pick up efficiency. Putulia Govt. Spond. PTTI is an institution to take over the challenge in the field of teacher training to enhance the mental and physical capabilities of the learner in every possible way with the help of a prescribed syllabus of West Bengal Board of Primary Education. Previously it was enough for a teacher to have the basic knowledge of reading and writing but today he is expected to be aware of the natural and physical environment around him and realize the relationship between man and nature, cincepts of personal hygine an envirnmental sanitation. This varied objects of education increases the responsibility of the teacher and this institution is playing an important role from the beginning in maintainig a smooth balance between the trainers an the modern trend of teaching learning process. The teacher educators of this institution is continuously bearing the force of better education for the learners not as a teacher but as a facilitator. The greenery of this campus is an asse and learning is this environment is playing an act of teching aid specially when environmental educaation is a new area of the curriculum that has yet to be properly understood by teachers.Since it ha come to occupy a large space of the curriculam at rhe primary level and it has been given so much importance in both primary and highe level.The open play ground, the music department of this institution has helped to maintained the mental as well as physical health of the learners. As an inheritor of this glorious heredity, on behalf of all teaching & non-teaching staff, I heartily welcome you in this institution.