Dev. and Planning

Development and Planning department is a very important section of the administration. The department is now looked into by the following Officers :

  • Addl. District Magistrate (Dev.), Purulia
    Tel: 03252 – 223259
  • District Planning Officer, Purulia
    Tel. No.03252 – 222169

Nature of works performed:

  1. Formulation of Annual Action Plan of the District
  2. M.P.LA.D. Programmes
  3. Bidhayak Elaka Unnayan Prakalpa
  4. Paschimanchal Unnayan Parshad
  5. Minority Affairs
  6. Cooked Mid-Day- Meal Programme
  7. R.S.V.Y.
  8. BCC Project
  9. NRDMS

BCC Activities

Behavior Change Communication (BCC), is a participatory technique of empowering communities by informing, educating and motivating them to adopt correct practices for the well being of the society.

The main objective of this programme is to make people aware of five key behaviours and motivating them to adopt correct practices at family and community levels. The following are the Five key behaviors:

  1. Washing hands with soap before eating food, after defecation and after cleaning of the child’s feces;
  2. Feeding colostrums (local names -Gadhra doodh, Shaal doodh etc.)to the newborn within half an hour after birth and practicing exclusive breasting feeding for first six months,
  3. Sending girl child to the primary school at the age of five years and ensuring that they complete their primary education;
  4. Raising awareness of all adolescent males and females on HIV and AIDS, the causes of spreading the virus from person to person and measures of protection from this deadly infection;
  5. Motivating people to construct sanitary latrines at their residential premises and using the same.

NRDMS Activities

To help the local administration and the functionaries for adoption of appropriate developmental strategies, NRDMS Centre in Purulia is functioning since 1994. The availability of computer based resource profiles with inputs from advanced data management tools and trained manpower at the district centre with technical backup from Department of Science and Technology, Government of India as well as Govt.of West Bengal enhanced the capacity of P.R.I bodies (Z.P., P.S., G.P.) and district line departments to access, integrate and retrieve relevant data from databases as per information needs.

(Source: District Planning Officer, Purulia)