Public Health Engineering


Purulia District Comprises of 20(twenty) nos Block and 3(three) nos Municipality having population 2563516 as per census 2001.


Nature creates this district covering Major portion in undulating arid topography as because communities under areas of Lion’s share faces scarcity of drinking water very much.

However for  collecting drinking water, Rig bored Tube wells have been dug out hardly by precise investigation work as well as searching out surface and subsurface sustainable water sources in this district.

In consideration all the matters this district covered by 22(Twenty Two) nos already commissioned (Rural) piped water supply schemes (Rural) and  8 (Eight)nos piped water supply schemes are under execution.

It is mentioned that in the year 2007-08 and 2008-09, 4nos of piped water supply schemes have been commissioned from which 33882 population (SC-4067nos and ST-5937nos) have been getting drinking water facilities. And also expected that 7(Seven)nos water supply schemes would be commissioned by the 31th March’2010 from which 61678nos( SC-14996nos and ST-6025nos) population will be benefited.

Besides this it is needed to mention that many water supply schemes have been proposed to be made in the  different Blocks in this district. All proposals have been taken up by PHED and proceed in full swing for implementation on those areas through searching sustainable sources from which drinking water can be supplied to the local people over those areas.

Covering the present situation communities have been getting facilities from safe drinking water through piped water supply schemes by 19.33%(Rural & Urban areas) and it will reach to 22.47% after completion the On-Going piped water supply schemes.

(Source: Exe.Engineer, PHE, Purulia division & PHE Deptt. West Bengal)