Disaster Management

District Disaster Management (Relief) Department is a very important section of the administration. The department is now looked into by the following Officers :

Addl. District Magistrate (Gen.), Purulia

District Disaster Management Officer (DDMO & DPO), DRMP, Purulia

The staff position of Relief Department / DRMP at District Headquarter, Sub- Divisional and Block Offices in Purulia District are appended below.

Organization Details
Sl.No. Name of the Post Sanctioned Existing
1 D.D.M.O. & D.P.O., D.R.M.P 1 1
2 S.D.D.M.O. 3 3
3 H.C. Headquarter 1 1
4 U.D. Asstt.r 2
5 L.D.Asstt. 1
6 Group’D’ 2 2
7 BDMO 20 7
8 Relief Clerk (Block) 40 18
9 Group’D’ (Block) 20 15
10 Relief Clerk (SDO Office) 04(Purulia Sadar) 2
11 Group’D; (SDO Office) 02(Purulia Sadar) 1

The following Registers are being maintained by the District Disaste Management Section Formerly Relief Section, Purulia.

Organization Details
Sl.No. Name of Register Remarks
1 GUARD FILE Maintained properly
3 ALLOTMENT REGISTER Maintained properly
4 BILL REGISTER Maintained
6 G.R. REGISTER Maintained properly
7 REGISTER-26 Maintained properly
8 E.R.GRANT REGISTER Maintained properly
9 CLOTHING REGISTER Maintained properly
10 H.B. GRANT REGISTER Maintained properly
11 AUDIT OBJECTION Pending outstanding objections are being replied to settle up.


  • There are four nos. of Relief Godowns in the district.Two of them are within the Collectorate compound,(one treated as Dist. Relief Godown & another treated as S.D.L. Godown) the third one at the disposal of SDO, Raghunathpur and the fourth one at Jhalda–I Block premises. The District Relief Godown is occupied by Sarbik Saksharata Samity, Purulia  since completion of construction. The Sarbik Saksharata Samity may be requested to vacant the Godown. At present Relief Deptt. is utilizing the SDO’s Godown , space of which is not sufficient enough to store the entire Relief Stock.
  • There are 22 nos of Mobile Water Tankers in the Custody of Relief Water Tankers are being used for supply of drinking water in need of Relief work at different place of this district. Those are very much helpful for highly drought prone district.
  • Maintenance to look after the tankers should be made by deploying one daily rated worker for at least days in every month. Some tankers tyres kept in the relief Godown are completely unserviceable should be sold by auction after obtaining report from MVI of MV Deptt. The Condition of Tankers garrage is also deteriorating day by day liable for damaging the water tankers mostly. The Tankers Garrage requires immediate repairing to save the water tankers from rainwater and being theft.
    A ready & stand by tructor may be sought for and arranged in the event of W/S due to cries of drinking water on Drought etc.
  • Maintenance of record should be done distinctly. Utilisation Certificates from the SDOs and Bdos in respect of different heads of allotments are not received causing much inconvenience to submit report to the higher authority.
  • A dead stock register for office materials should be maintained by the office, if those materials are found unusable be repaired for further use, fully unserviceable furniture may be taken up for auction sale.
  • Duties are maintained by the assistants, where files, registers and records should be maintained with the proper care by them
  • Allotment received under various heads were sub-allotted to all SDOs and BDOs. In most of cases utilization certificates are wanting.
  • Block & Sub- Divisional Relief set up requires full staff strength to maintain the regularity of Departments day-to-day business.
  • Since department is named as Disaster Management Department Spans of activities are much & heavy discharge where requisite no. of staffing are required to deploy. Government may be moved accordingly.

(Source: District Disaster Management Officer, Purulia)