Statistical Bureau

Bureau of Applied Economics & Statistics, West Bengal, came into existence in the mid- 1940’s when the earstwhile Government of West Bengal decided to set up a Provisional Statistical bureau (PSB) under the administrative control of Finance Department. In pursuance of these decisions, the Govt. order was issued under Finance (Audit) Department’s memo. no. 1940 (28)- F, dated 6.10.1944. Since then, the name of the Bureau has been changed twice: first, from Provincial Statistical Bureau (PSB) to State Statistical Bureau (SSB) since 13.11.1950 and then a Bureau of Applied Economics & Statistics (B.A.E.& S.) w.e.f. 01.01.1969.

Organizational Structure of District Statistics Office (Office of the Assistant Director)

District Statistics Office,  Purulia under the Bureau of Applied Economics & Statistics, Government of West Bengal is headed by an Assistant Director. He is assisted by two Supervisors at district office, four Range Inspectors posted at Purulia Sadar, Raghunathpur, Balarampur and Manbazar. Each of the range officials are supported by Assistant Investigators / Village Organisor posted at each block.


The activities of the District Statistics Office is to

  • Conduct the crop survey and crop cutting experiments of 14 insured crops and 5 non-insured crops of the state at Block as well as GP level. The estimates of yield rate as well as production of all the 19 major crops i.e. Jute, Aus paddy, Maize, Mesta, Aman paddy, Maskalai, Wheat, Linseed, Mustard, Masur, Sugarcane, Khesari, Matar, Arhar, Gram, Barley, Boro paddy, Mung (S) and Summer Til are prepard by the Agriculture Statistics Office at Kolkata and are submitted to the Government as per time schedule.
  • Conduct the Cereal Consumption Survey to assess the quantity produced and marketed by the farmers as surplus in respect of 3 crops i.e., Paddy, Wheat and Maskalai for this district.
  • Collect data at District/ Block level for publication of District Statistical Handbook, State Statistical Handbook and Statistical Abstract of West Bengal.
  • Collect price data from selected markets for both bazaar and non-bazar items/commodities on a regular basis for the purpose of construction of Consumer Price Index Numbers. A family budget survey have been undertaken in order to have the revised weighting diagrams for the new base (2006-07= 100) for Purulia from old base (1960 = 100). The Bureau has taken up the base price collection work in addition to its normal work. The CPI numbers for the new base is expected to be released soon.
  • Conduct of Annual Survey of Industries (State Sample) by canvassing a well-defined schedule on Registered Factories of West Bengal in collaboration with National Sample Survey Organization and brings out the report on Annual Survey of Industries highlighting characteristics like assets, liabilities, working capital, consumption of raw materials, output, input, employment and value added by industry group.
  • Collect data on income and expenditure of the Municipalities and their activities for preparation of a report on Municipal Statistics.
  • Collect data on State Government employees from all the Government offices located within the jurisdiction of each district office as on 31st December of every year.
  • Collect production data from selected factories for the construction of index of industrial production of the state by industry group.


The Bureau has established a Library since long and this has a good collection of books / journals and other publications relating to Economics, Statistics, Social Science, Environmental Science etc.

(Source: Assistant Director, Bureau of Applied Economics & Statistics, Purulia)