District Police Administration : Purulia


The District Police Administration, Purulia is the law enforcing agency in the district. The Superintendent of Police, Purulia District is solely responsible for maintenance of Law & Order, detection and prevention of crime. He is assisted by One Addl.SP, One SDPO, Four Dy. SPs and 7 CIs including Inspector SB, DCRB, CCS and Traffic. Basically the Police Administration is supposed to maintain Law & Order besides prevention and detection of Crime. As a Law enforcing/prosecuting agency it is the fundamental duty of the Police Administration to bring the offenders to book and to prosecute them in the Courts of Law. The Police Administration shall maintain cordial relations with the judiciary and the District Magistrate. The District Magistrate shall be kept informed of all-important matters concerned.

Superintendent Of Police, Purulia

Phone: 03252-222304(O), Fax: 03252-222303 (Fax) E-mail: sp-pla[at]nic[dot]in, sppla[at]rediffmail[dot]com

Important Telephone of Purulia District Police

Name of Officer Designation Name of the PS/Unit Office Mobile
Shri Avijit Banerjee, IPS Superintendent of Police 26 PSs, Police Office, R. Pol. Lines, D.I.B., D.E.B., H.G., Court Police etc. 03252-222304, 03252-223588 (Fax) 9147888744
Control Room, Purulia 03252-223209, (Police Office) 9147888791 8145500734
Shri Chinmay Mittal, IPS Addl. S.P.(Operations) Purulia Bandwan, Boro, Barabazar, Balarampur, Baghmundi, Jhalda, Kotshila, Joypur, Arsha, Manbazar, Puncha, Kenda PSs. 03252-224343 8145500719, 9147888792
Shri Pinaki Dutta, WBPS Addl. S.P. (HQ) Purulia Police Lines, Police Office, H.G., 14 PSs., Court Police etc. 03252-224379(Fax) 9147888745
Shri Ajoy Ganapati Kumbhar, IPS S.D.P.O. Raghunathpur Raghunathpur, Santuri, Neturia, Para, Santaldih, Kashipur, Adra & Raghunathpur  Women PSs. 03251-255338(fax) 9147888746
Shri Subrata Deb, WBPS S.D.P.O. Jhalda Jhalda, Joypur Kotshila, Baghmundi 03254-255255 9147888793
Shri Barun Baidya, WBPS S.D.P.O. Manbazar Barabazar, Manbazar, Boro, Puncha, Kenda, Bandwan PSs. 03253-255789 9147888794
Shri Arunava Das, WBPS Dy. S.P. (HQ) Balarampur & Arsha PSs. 03252-223208 9147888747
Shri Asis Roy, WBPS Dy. S.P. (D&T) Purulia (T), Purulia (M), Tamna & Purulia Women PSs. 03252-223208 9147888748
Shri Samir Adhikari, WBPS Dy. S.P. (DEB) Hura PS 03252-223208 9147888749
Shri Susanta Rajbanshi, WBPS Dy. S.P. (DIB) DIB 03252-223212 9147888750
Shri Mihir Kumar Dey, WBPS Dy. S.P. (Traffic) Traffic 03252-222031 9434215581
Shri Sanjib Biswas CI Sadar Purulia Arsha, Kotshila, Tamna & Purulia Women PSs. 03252- 223888 9147888751
Shri Partha Kr. Singha CI Balarampur Balarampur, Baghmundi & Bandwan PSs. 03252-244431 9147888752
Shri Sujit Kumar Pati CI Raghunathpur Santuri, Neturia & Raghunathpur Women PSs. 03251-255386 9147888753
Shri Samir Kumar Sarkar CI Manbazar Manbazar, Puncha, Kenda & Boro PSs 03253-255237 9147888754
Shri Puspen Sarkar CI Kashipur Kashipur, Hura & Para PSs. 03252-244251 9147888755
Shri Prasenjit Das IC Santaldih PS Santaldih PS 03251-260235 9147888756
Shri Sanjib Ghosh IC Jhalda PS Jhalda PS 03254-255233 9147888757
Shri Partha Sarathi Chakraborty IC Barabazar PS Barabazar PS 03253-258235 9147888758
Shri Mahakash Chowdhury IC Joypur PS Joypur PS 03254-252234 9147888759
Shri Pankajaksha Mallick IC Cyber Crime PS Purulia Cyber Crime PS 03252-222006 9147888795
Shri Sekhar Kr. Mitra(In-Charge) Court Inspector Sadar Court 03252-228101 6296571004
Shri Saral Banerjee RI Purulia Belguma Police, Purulia 03252-224390 9147888788
Shri Sasti Pada Jhariat DIO-I Purulia DIB Office, Purulia 03252-223203 9147888785
SI Sudarshan Dey RO Purulia Reserve Office, Belguma Police, Purulia 03252-224390 9147888790
SI Goutam Sinha MTO Purulia M.T. Section, Belguma Police, Purulia 03252-224390 9147888789
SI Milon Manna OC Kotshila PS Kotshila PS 03254-260565 9147888760
Shri Manas Kumar Sarkar IC Purulia (T) PS Purulia (T) PS 03252-223202 9147888761
LSI Shipra Ghosh OC Purulia (S) Women PS Purulia (S) Women PS 03252-223562 9147888762
Shri Sanjoy Kumar Chakraborty IC Purulia (M) PS Purulia (M) PS 03252-223205 9147888764
SI Amit Masanta OC Arsha PS Arsha PS ———– 9147888766
SI Biswajit Mondal OC Manbazar PS Manbazar PS 03253-255237 9147888767
Shri Argha Mandal IC Raghunathpur PS Raghunathpur PS 03251-255231 9147888768
SI Biswajit Banerjee OC Santuri PS Santuri PS ———– 9147888769
SI Kousik Banerjee OC Neturia PS Neturia PS 03251-252340 9147888770
SI Partha Kumar Bhunia OC Kashipur PS Kashipur PS 03251-246222 9147888771
SI Rana Bhakat OC Para PS Para PS ———– 9147888772
SI Anup Ghosh OC Hura PS Hura PS 03252-240229 9147888773
SI Tarapada Mondal OC Puncha PS Puncha PS 03253-259236 9147888774
SI Nitish Goswami OC Kenda PS Kenda PS ———– 9147888775
SI Sk. Afiruddin OC Boro PS Boro PS 03253-252235 9147888776
SI Sudip Hazra OC Balarampur PS Balarampur PS 03252-244221 9147888778
SI Pankaj Singh OC Baghmundi PS Baghmundi PS 03252-250240 9147888779
SI Palash Kumar Barik OC Bandwan PS Bandwan PS 03253-257262 9147888780
Shri Partha Pratim Roy IC Adra PS Adra PS 03251-244251 9147888781
LSI Arpita Bhatta OC Raghunathpur Women PS Raghunathpur Women PS 03251-255230 9147888763
SI Tapas Kumar Mishra OC Tamna PS Tamna PS ———– 8145500414