Employment Exchange

The district will normally constitute the basic unite for implementing and co-ordinating all programmes of Employment assistance, career advice, skilled development Employment marketing information and surveys and studies programme in the district. Two Employment Exchanges, District Employment Exchange, Puruilia  and District Employment Exchange, Raghunathpur along with E.I. & AB Manbazar, Bandwan and Jhalda-I are functioning in our district.

Nature of Works:

Registration: Application above the age of 18 years are eligible for registration but there is no maximum age limit prescribed for registration. Applicants unless specially exempted, shall be registered at the Employment Exchange or E.I.& AB’s in whose jurisdiction they normally reside.

Renewal: The renewal period will be of 3 years uniformly for all type of applicants. The registrants will be allowed to renew their registration on any working day during the period of three months of registration namely the month in which renewed falls due and following two months.

Vacancy: One receipts of vacancy, a candidate should be submitted in order of seriority in the ratio of 1:20. The state Directors may, however, have the discretion to raise this ratio in case it is considered necessary i.e. over aged submission, local condition etc.

E.M.I.: Employment Exchange are responsible for collecting regularly information about Employment in the private Sector as well as in the Public Sector. The information is collected from all establishment in Public Sector Employment 25 or more and in private sector employing 10-24 persons. This information has been made obligatory to render under the provisions of the Employment Exchanges compulsory notification act of vacancies 1959.

Vocational Guidance: Vocational Guidance is an aspect of guidance having focus on the problems relating to vocational life. The object of this scheme are to suggest measures with a view to enhance the Employability of an individual, tooffer assistance to an individual in preparing life, to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals and to generate awareness of the individually.

SESRU: The objective of the self Employment Scheme for the Registered unemployed (SESRU) is to assist un-employed youth, validly registered with Employment Exchange by providing subsidized credit from commercial Banks. The details of the scheme may be available titled by U.S.K.D-08.

Skilled Development: The Scheme skilled development is to assist the job- seekers, registered with the Employment Exchanges in Skilled up gradation. The Scheme includes on some specified course, organizing Mock-Tests for various competitive examinations and vocational guidance  / counselling programme for assessment of  their abilities.

(Source: Employment Officer-in-Charge, District Employment Exchange, Purulia)