Sl No. Festivals Description
1 Shiber Gajan Held from middle of March to May end, in rural areas. Also popularly called Bhagta Parab, Chait Parab, Chhow Parab, Charak Puja, Gajan.
2 Disum sendra Hunting festival of Santhals in Ajodhya Hill areas on Baishakhi Purnima. Also known as Shikar Parab.
3 Dharma Thakurer Puja -O-Mela From 15 April to 15 May. Images in various shape and form are visible in various parts of the district.
4 Rohini Utsav On 13 Jaistha (28/29 May). Cultivators sow seeds and celebrates.
5 a) Erohk Sim b) Batauli In Asarh (15 June to 15 July)- seed sowing festival of Santhals,Similar festival of Mundas
6 Manasa Pooja On last day of Shraban(15/16 August
7 Karam Parab After completion of paddy cultivation
8 Chata Parab Kings and rich landlords used to patronize the festival. Popular at Ind ( Barabazar PS), Chkaltor and Bangabari(PS Purulia Mfs.),celebrated throughout the night with dance and songs
9 Bhadu Celebration of Aus paddy harvesting in the month of Bhadra. H.H. Risly in his Tribes and Castes of Bengal referred to Bhadu as goddess, popular among Bagdis and Bouris in Bamkura, Purulia(Manbhum)districts.
10 Jita Asthami Held 12 days after Ind Parab, meant for would-be-mothers.
11 Bandhna Parab Held after Kalipuja. Popular among Kurmi, Bhumij, Korha, Lodha communities. To Santhals and Mundas this is known as Sohray.
12 Jathel Utsab Popular among Santhals held during Agrahayan (15 Nov. To 15 Dec.)
13 Raas Mela Raas Utsav is observed to celebrate the meeting of Lord Krishna with Shri Radhika and her other companions during Agrahayan Purnima. This Utsav is celebrated in Purulia town with pomp and grandeur .
14 Tushu Rural women perform Tushu Puja lately with images. Tushu songs relate to joy, sorrow, imagination, experience of villagers.
15 Bhansingh Pooja-O-Parab There is no image of Bhansingh who is regarded as God to protect cattle, held during month of Magh(15 January to 15 February).
16 Akhan Jatra First day of Magh is regarded as Akhan Jatra, believed as auspicious day.
17 Chandi Pooja Khelai Chandi Pooja held during month of Magh. Popular fair is associated with Pooja.
18 Magh Sim Popular festivals for Santhals, held during month of Magh.
19 BAHA Spring festival for Santhals which is known as Sarjan Baha or Sarhool to Mundas. Nightlong song and dance is associated with the celebration.
20 Bhejabindha In Bhejabindha archery and Murgi Larhai (cock fight ) is a part of festival. The defeated cock become the property of the owner of the wining cock. Popular among santhals

(Source: D.I.C.O, Purulia)