Vidyasagar Portal

The “Vidyasagar Portal” an e-learning portal created as a special District Innovation of Purulia District Administration in addressing and supporting more number of aspirant science graduates in pursuing JEE NEET reducing the digital divide between urban and rural set up under pandemic conditions.

The “Vidyasagar” Portal provided e- learning video clips as resource for JEE and NEET aspirants .The Bhawans supplemented with reference library and photocopying facilities.

District Administration enabled the Kanyashree Bhawans’ with the Wifi enabled computer facilities. An order was served by District Adminsitartion to all blocks in giving access to the Portal to the pursuing their academic needs unhindered.


District Education Department

Office of the District Magistrate , Purulia
City : Purulia | PIN Code : 723101
Phone : 6289355392 | Email : contacteportalwb[at]gmail[dot]com