Duare Ration

Date : 16/11/2021 - | Sector: Food and Supplies

On 16 Nov’2021 Honourable Chief Minister Madam, has inaugurated Duare Ration Scheme from Netaji Indoor Stadium and simultaneously on the same day Duare Ration has been flagged off by the District Magistrate of Purulia in Purulia District . Under the scheme an FPS owner used to deliver PDS entitlement of the beneficiaries at their door-step.

The Total beneficiaries of FPS dealer have been divided into small cluster based on Paras, Villages to be covered on a pre-fixed and pre-announced date & time with food grains, e-POS device and weighing scale.

If a beneficiary fails to receive the food grains under Duare Ration Scheme due to reason beyond his control, he/she may lift the ration from the FPS on the days on which the shop is open for the purpose.

Duare Ration Camp

In Jangalmahal area of Purulia District ,special attention have been given to provide alternative SIM in Network shadow zone of particular service provider for smooth distribution during Duare Ration through ePOS machine after due biometric/0TP authentication by any member of family for the entire family.

FPS dealers are being provided with additional commission for distribution of food grains under Duare Ration Scheme and to motivate FPS dealer to purchase their own 3/4 wheeler delivery van for delivery ,a subsidy of 20% of ex-showroom price of vehicle subject to maximum of rupees 1 lakh per dealer will be provided to the FPS dealer.




Monthly delivery of food grains and other ration to the public at their doorstep

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